1.2 – 2.0 Tonne 7-Series Stand Up Forklift


  • The compact and powerful AC drive motor provides smooth starts without jerky accelerator operation. Since the AC motor has no bushes or contactors, it has minimal maintenance, saving you time and money.
  • Power Select Function allows customisation of load and travel modes, to match reach truck performance to the operating conditions.
  • The Power Keep Function allows the 7FBR to maintain its “just charged” performance longer.
  • AC Power provides 3 Types of Regenerative Systems for longer battery life (accelerator, switch back, and braking)
  • Integrated Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  • Full range of masts sizes in 2 and 3 stage configurations

Ease of Use

  • Power Battery carriage provides for quick battery changes
  • No motor brushes or contactors on the AC Power provides for significant reductions in parts and labour costs
  • Built in diagnostic functions for pinpoint trouble shooting
  • Special models available including Cold storage, Rust proof, and Dust proof models (all optional)

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